Warehouse Forklift Driver

Our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our varying customer base, and our vision for growth, means that stock holdings need to be ample but controlled. Our investment in the most sophisticated IT system allows us to order efficiently, allocate stock as soon as purchase orders are received, and deliver on time to avoid the risk of shortages at critical times of construction.

Why is Hynes’ distribution so good?

The warehouse and distribution team takes great pride in their work environment, which reflects in the quality of product delivered to your door.

  • Daily stocktakes and housekeeping are a part of the culture and this ensures supply integrity to our internal staff and our customers.
  • Quality control checks during receiving and dispatch ensures what we receive meets our commitment to quality, and what you get delivered is what you have ordered – and in full.
  • Our transport structure accommodates all requirements – from the single package, to pallet lots. We understand the complexities of our customers and where we can, our philosophy is anywhere at anytime.
  • Our responsibility extends to your site. Our staff respect your property and stock as if it is their own and all drivers and jockeys are OH&S trained. Orders are placed out of sight, photographed and wrapped. Pallets, plastics and packaging are placed in bins on site and when required, mud is swept or removed, and gates are secured on departure.

Quality Control for Picking & Packing Orders

  1. Orders are carefully picked and packed and placed into the quality control area.
  2. Once the order is in the quality control area, they are double-checked by the quality control team before being authorised as ready for dispatch. Orders are then securely wrapped and stored for delivery.

Delivery Process

  1. Orders are shrink wrapped for delivery.
  2. Orders arrive securely to the site.
  3. Items are hand unloaded on site.
  4. Orders are stacked in an appropriate area that is not able to be viewed from the street, and photographed to confirm delivery.
  5. Orders are shrink wrapped for security.
  6. Site rubbish is placed in the bins provided on site and gates secured.
Our Warehouse

Our Warehouse