Batching ensures a better result on site

All imported Tile product is batched in shades on receipt of shipment. When a sales order is raised for Tiles, a shade is selected for picking. This shade is then picked and when dispatched, recorded for future reference. Batching Tiles by shades is uncommon within our industry as it is a costly exercise to do, however to service our builders structure we believe this is necessary to ensure site issues are kept to a minimum.

Purchase orders that add up

All builder purchase order values get entered into our system at the time a sales order is raised. This raises awareness of inaccuracies that need to be dealt with, but importantly ensures that the value of all invoices matches the purchase order of our clients.

Efficient pick up & credit service

We utilise pick-up analysis reports to monitor the reasons why items are collected from site. Our KPI goal for pick-ups is to ensure that items are collected from site within 24-48 hours of call up.

In full and on time site deliveries

A daily analysis of outstanding sales orders, matched to builders work flow reports, ensures reselections are kept to a minimum and products are committed for packing six to eight weeks in advance for delivery.

Improving efficiency for all parties

Our on time delivery program allows us to monitor how many Primary and Non Primary deliveries are occurring per builder. This report also highlights what areas can be improved upon to save both parties time and money.

Management reports help builders make informed decisions

Range analysis reports monitor the effectiveness of a selected builders range. We use this information to make adjustments to a range. Therefore we can fine-tune products in categories to maximise up-sell opportunities.