Eco Foresta Range



Size & Type
  • 150 x 600 Floor Tiles
  • Eco Foresta Albero Beige 150 x 600 NIRFJ0202
  • Eco Foresta Albero Bianco 150 x 600 NIRFJ0201
  • Eco Foresta Marrone Albero 150 x 600 NIRFJ0204
  • Eco Foresta Rosso Albero 150 x 600 NIRFJ0203
  • Rectified
  • Matt
  • External
  • Internal
Slip rating
  • R11

The common method of testing a tiles slip performance is the ‘ramp’ test. This test basically is where a person is strapped to a harness, wears some rubber shoes and the tiled floor is wet and tilted to an angle. When the person slips, the rating is measured. The most common tiles available on the market for residential applications have ratings of R10 or R11.

R9 Person slips at a 3 to 10 degree angle of elevation
R10 Person slips at a 10 to 19 degree angle of elevation
R11 Person slips at a 19 to 27 degree angle of elevation
R12 Person slips at a 27 to 35 degree angle of elevation
R13 Person slips at upwards of 35 degree angle of elevation
V rating
  • V2

The V rating refers to the degree of variation between individual tiles.

Tile variation ratings
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