Uptown Range (Internal)



Size & Type
  • 300 x 600 Floor Tiles
  • 600 x 600 Floor Tiles
  • Uptown Beige Lappato 300x600 GUOFK0202
  • Uptown Beige Lappato 600x600 GUOFP0202
  • Uptown Beige Matt 300x600 GUOFK0102
  • Uptown Beige Matt 600x600 GUOFP0102
  • Uptown Bone Lappato 300x600 GUOFK0201
  • Uptown Bone Lappato 600x600 GUOFP0201
  • Uptown Bone Matt 300x600 GUOFK0101
  • Uptown Bone Matt 600x600 GUOFP0101
  • Uptown Charcoal Lappato 300x600 GUOFK0204
  • Uptown Charcoal Lappato 600x600 GUOFP0204
  • Uptown Charcoal Matt 300x600 GUOFK0104
  • Uptown Charcoal Matt 600x600 GUOFP0104
  • Uptown Latte Lappato 300x600 GUOFK0203
  • Uptown Latte Lappato 600x600 GUOFP0203
  • Uptown Latte Matt 300x600 GUOFK0103
  • Uptown Latte Matt 600x600 GUOFP0103
  • Rectified
  • Lappato
  • Matt
  • Internal
V rating
  • V3

The V rating refers to the degree of variation between individual tiles.

Tile variation ratings
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