Timber Floor Installation

Timber Flooring has always been a favourite in the Australian market, however, in volume building it has been viewed as delicate and time consuming in terms of construction time.

The advent of prefinished engineered Timber and Laminate Flooring has been the perfect solution in terms of reducing not only installation costs, but also reducing timely construction costs. However, as a floor covering, timber has the potential for damage and wear during the construction process. This issue can be minimised, or even eliminated, if the installation process is deferred to the end of construction.

Unlike traditional timber floors that take seven to 10 days to install and finish, prefinished systems can normally be installed in a third of that time. With this in mind, there is no need to install the product as early in the construction process (ie: after the house is cleaned and ready for QA touch ups). Installing the product using traditional construction time lines potentially leaves the product exposed to two or three weeks of damage, with at least 10 trades on site all pressured to finish their part of the building process. Add to this the environmental exposure to wet or dusty sites and you may have a recipe for disaster.

Combining our sophisticated booking and delivery system, with our trained installation professionals, we can guarantee a 48 hour delivery and installation program. This means that you as a builder can have the confidence that installation can be left right up to the day before the client walks through for handover. The less trade involved onsite, the better the finish, the happier your customer.