Hynes has always been heavily involved in charities. We are lucky that we are able to offer continuous support to many organisations, both here and overseas, and have seen first-hand the amazing positive impact these charities have on individuals and their communities.

OzChild House – Boutique Homes

Boutique Homes

T&G Hynes with UTF are very proud to have provided the flooring to OzChild House in Cranbourne North. Boutique Homes, trades and suppliers made building this stunning purpose-built charity home possible.

This specially modified home will provide temporary care for some of the region’s most vulnerable foster children. The home has been designed and built for OzChild to create a warm and welcoming environment.

For over 160 years, OzChild has been committed to the protection of Australia’s most vulnerable and at-risk children.

OzChild supports over 6,000 children, young people and families every year with services that extend to disability respite, education and therapeutic support.

OzChild House - Boutique Homes

OzChild House – Boutique Homes

Eat Up – A Fantastic Community Experience

Eat Up Van and Hynes Staff

Eat Up Van and Hynes Staff

November 2017

We had the team from “Eat Up” visit us again in November, and along with our fantastic staff, made over 1000 sandwiches in under one hour – doubling our effort from last time!

Now that is an awesome achievement! Thanks again Eat Up, and we look forward to seeing how we can help next time!

August 2017

Our week in late August 2017 began with many of our team coming together with “Eat Up” to assist in making sandwiches for school kids in our local region, who would otherwise go without lunch.

Eat Up is a wonderful organisation that provides lunch for schools in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. The Eat Up reps came and led the way for our team, who proudly produced 494 sandwiches in 30 minutes! We look forward to seeing how many we can produce next time.

Since 2013, the Eat Up team has delivered over 80,000 lunches, and will continue with their work until all of Australia’s hungry kids are fed.

Great work Team Hynes, and thank you for showing us the way Eat Up. An admirable initiative.

See www.eatup.org.au

Eat Up Hynes Staff and Sandwiches

Eat Up Hynes Staff and Sandwiches

Good Friday Appeal 2017

T&G Hynes with UTF were among a range of suppliers who were very proud to donate product to the Henley built charity home at Villawood properties this year.

This property was Auctioned, and the proceeds went towards the hospital’s Good Friday Appeal, securing $646,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

T&G Hynes with UTF is proud to be affiliated with Henley property and Villawood, and takes great pride in supporting causes such as this within the local community.

Henley Villawood Charity 2017

Henley Villawood

World Vision

During 2009 and 2010 Hynes supported a World Vision Clean Water project in villages throughout Champasak in Laos.

This World Vision project in Laos supplied 64 water bores/pumps and educated and trained community groups in the theory of good hygiene and sanitation, in every nominated village. Hynes is dedicated and passionate about the plights of those who face day to day challenges of just surviving.

“World Vision really do make a very big difference to people’s lives. We travelled into other communities and would come across water tanks, school desks and medical supplies all provided by World Vision. Often we would hear about community programmes on HIV and other significant topics that World Vision run, which is fantastic awareness and education on critical and social issues. Some parts of the world would not survive without World Vision.”

Hynes continues to support various local charities, including Red Cross and Make a Wish. Our team will continue to support those in our community.