Hynes have been in the Laminate, Bamboo and Timber industry for more than 20 years, and in that time have worked closely with suppliers to develop products with outstanding performance.

All Hynes Laminate, Bamboo and Timber products come with extensive product warranties which cover installation and product failure. For more details please refer to specific warranty documentation on each product.

Laminate – AC3 Rating 25-year residential warranty
Laminate – AC4 Rating 25-year residential warranty
TimberTop 25-year residential warranty

Heated Subfloors

Surfaces By Hynes does not recommend our products over heated subfloors.  We supply these instructions for customers that still wish to install their floors over heated subfloors. These instructions are based on industry standards and Surfaces By Hynes takes no responsibility for the performance of our products even when these instructions are adhered to.


  • The heating system should be in operation 14 days prior to installation of flooring, increasing the temperature systematically over this period to a maximum of 26°C.
  • The heating elements should be turned off one day prior to installation of the flooring.
  • The subfloor should be even and flat. Deviations in the surface should be measured to no more than 2mm over 2m ( + or – ).
  • Install builders plastic (150um minimum) as a moisture barrier. The sheeting should be overlapped at the seems by 200mm and secured using plastic tape.
  • Install Ultra Absorb foam underlay over the plastic moisture barrier using butt joins.


  • During the installation, the temperature of the sub floor shall be between 15°C and 25°C.
  • Maximum surface temperature is 26°C.
  • The effect of the heating elements must not exceed 60W/m².
  • Where sub floors are heated using hydronic heating systems (pipes of hot water), the supplier of the heating system must calculate the incoming and outgoing water temperature in order not to exceed the maximum temperature.
  • The installation area shall not contain heated and non-heated areas, unless expansion trims separate them.

How to Regulate the Temperature

  • The first week after installation, or after a period of being turned off, the heating may be left on low temperature, 16 – 20°C.
  • The second week after installation the heating may be adjusted, according to minimum and maximum temperatures.
  • Keep in mind that loose rugs may function as heat accumulators and raise the temperature above the maximum of 26°C.