Hynes “Great Service” 5 Key elements

Quality products

Great workmanship


Ongoing support


At Hynes we understand that in order to provide outstanding service, we must provide ongoing training and education. This enriched understanding of our products and services empowers sales teams, designers and construction supervisors to assist prospective home owners in making choices that best suit their taste and lifestyle.

Hynes is committed to running regular training sessions with our building partners. New products will be introduced, while the technical features of existing products will be shared to embrace best practice. This will facilitate an enhanced flow of information to the end user: the home owner.

Hynes focuses seriously on internal training – including providing outstanding Client Services and construction support, along with a dedicated program focusing on rapid response to onsite issues relating to product and / or installation.

Our goal is to ensure that the team at Hynes gives outstanding service each and every time.

We believe that our vertically integrated approach to enhancing service through training and education enables us to provide the most positive outcomes for our building partners and prospective home owners.