Caring for your floors

Prefinished engineered timber and Laminate floors are considered to be easy to maintain, but like all floor surfaces they do require cleaning and a few precautionary practices to maintain their appearances and preserve their service life.

Care Instruction 1

• Floors should be dry mopped regularly with a static mop. This practice not only picks up any lint and other dust, but also grit that can be damaging to the floor surface.
• Ensure that nothing hard rubs on the floor as it may mark or scratch it.
• If pets are to be inside, it is necessary that their nails are kept trimmed and their paws clean, to further reduce excess grit.
• Spills need to be wiped up as soon as possible. Failure to do so can discolour the finish, and if left unattended for a long period can damage the floor.

Care Instruction 2

• Rugs and floor mats are very effective in trapping grit at doorways and reducing wear in high traffic areas.
• NB: please note that both the coating and timber colour can change under the effect of UV light, and this can cause colour differences under the rug.
• For this reason it is prudent not to use rugs for at least the first six months.
• Alternatively, move the rugs and furniture on a regular basis over this initial period to aid in reducing these effects.
• Rugs should not be rubber backed or have similar impervious backing. Not only can such products affect the floor finish, but they can also prevent the natural exchange of moisture vapour through the board surface. All rugs and floor mats also require regular cleaning.

Care Instruction 3

• Legs of movable furniture, such as dining room chairs, need to have protective felt pads. When moving heavy objects, such as furniture or appliances, they need to be lifted into position. These practices prevent scratching of the floor surface.
• Footwear with high point loads, such as stiletto heels, will also damage timber floor surfaces.

Cleaning Your Floors

Prefinished Engineered Timber and Laminate

• Do not use cleaning methods or products not designed for engineered timber or laminate floors, such as scouring pads or cleaners that may contain abrasives, soaps, waxes, ammonia or silicon.
• Specific timber floor cleaning products should be used.
• Do not use steam mops (irrespective of what the product sales people may say) or any form of scrubbing mechanism.
Do not use a wet mop on the floor: the floor can be cleaned with a microfibre mop with a controlled spray mist. Mop the floor in small sections.

With all our Laminate and Engineered Timber products, cleaning and maintenance is quite easy – all you need is a vacuum, pH neutral cleaner and a micro fibre pad.

  1. Before mopping, always vacuum or sweep floors to remove dust and dirt.
  2. Using a light mist of water or neutral pH, non-toxic cleaner, lightly spray the area to be mopped.
  3. Use a microfibre pad to mop away dirt, grime and stains.

Note: Do not use excessive water or steam mops, as this will cause water damage to the floor and void any warranty.


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This page is to be used as a guide only. It does not purport to be the solution to cleaning and maintenance requirements. It is the responsibility of the consumer to seek professional advice from a flooring specialist as required.