A new name for a new era for Hynes


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You have known us as T & G Hynes, Unique Timber Floors or UTF, as well as Hynes Tiles. We are now embarking on an exciting journey as we enter a new era to rebrand Hynes to consolidate these names into one brand, being Surfaces By Hynes. Our rebranding to Surfaces By Hynes will encapsulate everything from signage on our vehicles to business cards, staff uniforms, marketing collateral, as well as to our already updated website.

We have always been known for our honesty, delivery, transparency and support, which is why we want to share this change with you. As our market evolves, we have identified the need to continue to provide you with the best products, services and support, but also provide you with even more, including product education and development, technical support, warranty services, as well as troubleshooting whenever required.

Surfaces By Hynes has a passion and dedication that has developed over 40 years. We aspire to be the best genuine, hassle-free supplier of tiles, timber and laminate, and are committed to bringing you the most up-to-date, proven and tested products, in a dynamic, updated and systematic manner.

Please feel free to peruse our website to check our new brand as we roll it out, as well as to see the diversity of our product offering, and find out more about why we at the forefront of providing wall and flooring solutions to you and your customers.

The Hynes ethos of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, through product development and stock management, has secured our position as one of the largest suppliers of Tiles, Timber and Laminate Flooring.

Our ability to develop and source innovative and market leading products, and then manage this mix, guarantees continuity of supply. This ensures we can service the diverse needs of our builders and commercial customers.

Why is ‘Experience’ so important for Builders?

  • Long-term supplier relationships ensure quality assured products, and therefore minimises warranty issues. Sophisticated stock management ensures products are allocated from purchase orders, committed at frame stage, and delivered within 24 hours of call up.
  • Batch management of import items across all customer bases ensures accurate historical data is on hand for future reference.
  • Innovative product developments ensure builders display homes or developers commercial projects are at the forefront of Tile, Timber and Laminate product trends and fashions.
  • With our years of experience in the industry, we have developed specific in-house management processes and personnel to cater for the requirements of builders. From selecting products at showroom level, to stock management and dispatch, Hynes is a professional and highly flexible organisation.
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Customer Service

Recognised as the dominant hassle-free supplier in the industry, Hynes is based on a corporate culture of accepting nothing less than providing an exceptional experience.

Feedback is integral in any relationship, and we are humbled to hear positive responses, but just as accepting to hear negative ones. It’s our philosophy to accept responsibility, learn from mistakes, and implement resolutions – this is the Hynes way, and is why we have many long-standing relationships with our customers.

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It starts with our people – professional administration resources

  • Designated Account Coordinators whose primary role is to be the daily key contact to your estimating, purchasing and supervisor departments.
  • Designated Account Managers who ensure onsite and in-house queries are handled in a timely and professional manner.
  • A Product Development and Purchasing team that supports the builders department by constantly monitoring stock holdings to ensure orders are delivered on time. Product ranges are also scrutinised to ensure they are relevant for the builders market.
  • Designated Accounts Receivable team available to answer and solve any account management queries.